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Bakery in Arlington

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Never having gone to culinary school, Minoo kept her dreams of opening of her own bakery alive. Psychologist by day, and passionate baker by night, she would spend most of her free time baking and cooking her own Persian recipes.. Aside from having a passion for cooking and baking, she was also raised in a huge Persian family where food was a major part of culture. Alongside her, is her youngest daughter of two, Fojan, who stood by her mother's side as Minoo would fill up the house with the sweet and savory smells of Persian dishes, with aromas of saffron and turmeric.

After spending years dreaming, and cooking, the two were finally able to share their creations, and their passion for others to taste; and finally, Mocha Cafe and Pastry was born.

With its cozy themed atmosphere, beautiful Persian pieces of art adorning its walls, and its combination of traditional and modern Persian dishes, decadent desserts, foods and drinks, Mocha Cafe & Pastry is surely a one of a kind.

Join us..and Nooshe Jan!

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